Top Pool Villa Hotels in Khaoyai

Top Pool Villa Hotels in Khaoyai

 Top Pool Villa Hotels in Khaoyai

    Booking a hotel or resort somewhere to relax on vacation. The main room is to choose. Even if the hotel room is beautiful it is. Customers took months to cross check it with. If a room with a pool house. That reservation is not long enough. Today we recommend 10 Pool Villa Hotels in Khaoyai. That allows you to swim and enjoy. With views of mountains and fog, he can vividly :).



 Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa Resort

Address: Moo 6 Thanarat district pig Khao Yai. He Nakhon Ratchasima..
Price: 15000-30000 ฿

    'Muthi Maya Forest Pool Villa Resort' ideal for relaxation. To escape and recharge yourself. Here you will feel relaxed and tranquil experience. Surrounded by nature and beautiful sunny morning. The rooms are designed with unique architecture. Blend seamlessly with the environment Pool Villa with a beautiful view Offering the privacy of your very best.




 Sala Khaoyai

Address: 11 Mu Wang Pan Khao Yai. He Nakhon Ratchasima..
Price: 10000-50000 ฿

    'Sala Khaoyai' resort with views of the most beautiful he is. A resting place for the best. Views of meadows, mountains and farmsteads. Evening watching the sunset on the Roof Top private pool villa offers a unique window on the go. Serve privacy for you and your loved ones. Do not miss the Sala Hilltop Restaurant and Bar on a romantic weekend with a 360-degree panorama.




 My Ozone by D Varee Wellness Khaoyai

Address: Moo 6 Pak Chong,Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 2500-35000 ฿

    'My ozone by D Varee Wellness Khaoyai' is his big heart. Located on a mountain, offering spectacular views. This experience relaxation in a way you have never experienced before. The atmosphere is sweet And facilities You invent a princess in a fairy tale prince with ease.




 Boribot Pool Resort

Address: Moo 8. Mu Si Chong Khao Yai. He Nakhon Ratchasima..
Price: 20000-60000 ฿

    'Boribot Pool Resort' getaway is perfect for travelers looking to soak up the colors of his head. Offers the perfect facilities, fully equipped rooms and 10 rooms are tastefully decorated. Pool Villas offer privacy The resort activities that help build customer satisfaction.




 The Private Pool Villas at Civilai Hill by The Unique Collection

Address: Moo 7. Nong Sarai Chong Khao Yai. He Nakhon Ratchasima..
Price: 20000-50000 ฿

    'The Private Pool Villa at Civilai Hill By The Unique Collection' hilltop resort overlooking mountain views. It offers luxurious rooms The decoration was inspired by the villages of Provence in France. An energy system that is environmentally friendly. Private villa tune light colors. Swimming pool Japanese bath living area With large windows The amenities and personal service.




 Escape Khaoyai Hotel

Address: Street veterans - groping in Kut. Phayayen district Chong Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 7000-50000 ฿

    'Escape Khaoyai Hotel' accommodation in a peaceful, relaxing amidst the greenery. Surrounded by mountains Designed and decorated It has been inspired by nature. Fragrance and music accompaniment. Highlights here to give Villa. To create privacy for you and your family.




 Villa Khao Phaengma

Address: Moo 15 Khao Phaengma, Wang Nam Keaw district of Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 4800-30000 ฿

    'Villa Khao Phaengma' one of the resorts that make you experience the mountain tree morning haze. Cool and refreshing His views of the panel unequivocally. The resort-style villa Thailand - Bali. The perfect blend Create your perfect vacation is not like anywhere else.




 Prairie Hills Resort

Address: Moo 5 Thanarat Road km 19. Moosi district Chong Khao Yai National Park, Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 5000-30000 ฿

    'Prairie Hills Resort' small resort was inspired by rural suburbs. With its mountains and fields of flowers. The design emphasizes the natural. Combined with the modernization You make Prairie Hills Resort provides exceptional comfort and style all travelers desire.




 Veravian Resort

Address: Among 15 M.Phontong Pattana, Wang Nam Keaw district of Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 3500-12000 ฿

    'Veravien Resort' balcony of the freedom to provide pleasure and relaxation in a serene atmosphere. Surrounded by hills Style Loft Pool villas and private In addition, the resort is powered by wind turbines and solar panels. To produce electricity for light bulbs in the bathroom.




 Khaoyai Paradise on Earth

Location: T.Moosi district Chong Khao Yai. He Nakhon Ratchasima
Price: 3500-25000 ฿

    'Khaoyai Paradise on Earth' cozy lakeside resort. Inserted in the midst of nature Maintaining privacy and a peaceful tomb. Interior style Villa is the perfect place to stay for the whole family. Including time for honeymoon couples. There are also activities at the resort or thread. Both cycling, rowing, kayaking, swimming in streams mingle poolside water. Or reading with a cool breeze on a wooden waterfront pleasant too.




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