Top Hotels near Sanam Luang

Top 10 Hotels near Sanam Luang

    We believe that Thai people and foreign tourists have the same attention to pay obeisance to the royal portrait of His Majesty the King Bhumiphol Adulyadej in Grand Palace and sign in remembrance. So finding accommodation in such area is the best choice for tourists. We collect 10 accommodations which are near Grand Palace and Royal Plaza. The tourists can travel easily, use a little time and they can avoid traffic jam in reasonable price :)


Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok

Location: Grand Palace Road. Riverside Bangkok, Bangkok
Price: From 3000 ฿

    'Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok' Boutique Hotel has been popular with tourists as well. This offers 17 rooms decorated in Minimalism on cement and black and white only. In most of the views, not to mention it. It is opposite the Temple of Dawn. And a wide 360-degree views that satisfied both eyes and be satisfied simultaneously.




Riva Arun Bangkok

Address: Avenue Road, Grand Palace, Bangkok metropolitan area.
Price: From 2500 ฿

    'Riva Arun Bangkok' hotel Thailand as a passive aura and classic together seamlessly. From the Palace just 15 minutes, the decor minimalist. The expected service The answer to all the rest as well.




Arun Residence

Address: Street alley gate Peacock Road, Grand Palace, Bangkok metropolitan area.
Price: From 2000 ฿

    'Arun Residence' Boutique Chic. Decor is cozy Enjoy the tranquil views of the highlights is the pagoda, Wat Arun panorama. Visible from the room. The restaurant, The Deck by The River Restaurant celebrated the foreign concede that yum.




Baan Chart Hotel

Address: Street Bangkok, Chakrabongse market peak.
Price: From 1600 ฿

    'Ban Chart Hotel' style accommodation simple. Near Khao San Road Situated just off the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew and the plaza decorated blue sea. Combined with brick The facilities and services. It is ideal for those who want to stay in the heart of Bangkok with ease.




Nanda Heritage Hotel

Location: Bangkok, Khao San Road Wisutkasat.
Price: From 1600 ฿

    'Nanda Heritage Hotel' is located in the city center. Featuring European-inspired architecture of the 20s. Quiet and privacy Modern and classic undertones with aura are seamlessly merged. Close to major attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew.




Buddy Lodge Hotel

Location: Khaosan Road, Bangkok, elite market.
Price: From 1300 ฿

    'Buddy Lodge' peaceful accommodation. Tucked amid the bustle in Khaosan. This will help you avoid all the commotion was. Also close to attractions The monumental Palace plaza to the palace. Shopping and much more to choose from.




Chetuphon Gate

Address: Street alley gate Peacock Road, Grand Palace, Bangkok metropolitan area.
Price: From 1000 ฿

    'Chetupon Gate' Tian Harbour and the Royal Palace. Contemporary Equipped with facilities and personal service. The restaurant and western Thailand, including free Wi-Fi and parking.





Address: Tiger Road Bunyasiri District Court metropolitan Bangkok.
Price: From 800 ฿

    'D Hostel Bangkok' style accommodation colonial black. Cut the white pattern Located not far from the popular tourist area of Khao San Road. The Royal Palace Design is decorated with Sino - Portuguese. Latent contemporary touches every atom.




Baan Dinso 2

Location: Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Klang Road.
Price: From 700 ฿

    'Baan Dinso2' accommodation facility located at the intersection of pencil Forums. Overlooking the street and obviously the Democracy Monument. Especially at night, even overlooking the street. Driveway scouting the charms of this road. Room with a lot of facilities that cater to travelers in its entirety.




Nitan Hostel Khaosan

Location: Khaosan Road, Bangkok, elite market.
Price: From 400 ฿

    'Nitan Hostel Khaosan' top choice. Of these tourists With its central road Equipped with many modern amenities and services. I guarantee that satisfaction to guests' well of course.


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