Security Information

Recommendations for passengers before boarding
For the convenience of the passengers being checked before boarding, Suvarnabhumi Airport would like to suggest as follows:

1. Before Check-In

 Any liquid , gel or Spray in a container size of 100ml or more cannot be carried on board and must be checked-in for loading into the aircraft. 

 If you wish to take liquid, gel, spray on board, such liquid shall be in a container size less than 100 ml, which shall be put into zip-lock plastic bag size 20 x 20 cm, which is provided at Check-In counter. One bag for each passenger. Overall volume of liquid shall not exceed 1,000 ml. (or 1 liter).

 Passenger with firearm shall inform the airline staff at the check-in counter for checking proper documentations and separating of the cartridge to be stored in the place provided.

 The passenger is not allowed to take any kinds of dangerous substances in to the aircraft, irrespective of loading with the checked in luggage or carried on board.


2. After Check-In

 After check-in, international departing passenger shall go through passport control. Suvarnabhumi Airport kindly requests all passengers boarding at gates C1 – C10 and D1 – D4 to go for passport control at the channel behind the check-in counter Rows K – L. and passengers boarding at Gates D5 – D8, E1 – E10, F1 – F6 and G1 – G5 to go for passport control behind the check-in counter Rows T – U.


3. Security Check

 After passport control is completed, passengers shall take the steps of security check, commencing from the preparation of air ticket to be examined by the officer.

 Passengers shall put the carry-on luggage into a tray to go through the X-Ray machine. Laptop, jacket, belt and zip-lock plastic bag containing with liquids shall be put into a separate tray .

 The passenger may be asked to take off the shoes to go through the X-Ray machine. For this purpose paper shoes are provided.

 Then the passenger shall go through the metal detector. Any passenger with the pacemaker or pregnant should inform the checking officer, to pass through a special channel and be checked by hand.

 When a passenger go through the metal detector and a signal is alerted. The passenger needs to check for any metal left on the body and go through the process again.

 If the passenger passes through the metal detector for the second time and there is still an alert signal, the officer will invite that passenger to wait in the provided area and will be taken by the officer for the body to be hand-checked in order to find out the cause of the signaling of the metal detector.

 The passenger, who passed the body and luggage check, can proceed for boarding.

 Any passenger who denies the checking of luggage or body checking and refuses to follow the security measures of Suvarnabhumi Airport, that passenger will not be permitted to board the aircraft.


Liquid checking before boarding


For the convenience of the passengers being checked before boarding, Suvarnabhumi Airport would like to suggest as follows:

Limitations for taking Liquid, Gel, Spray on board
Liquid, Gel, Spray, etc. which are under the rules, such as drinking water, cream, lotion, oil, spray, perfume, gel for hair, tooth paste, deodorant.

 Any kinds of liquid, gel and spray should be in a container of size not over 100 ml. Containers over 100 ml. are not permitted to be taken on board, even if it contains only a small amount of liquid, gel and spray.

 All containers shall be placed together in a zipped plastic bag and shall have overall capacity not exceeding 1 litre (1,000 ml.)

 Each passenger can take one plastic bag on board and shall separate it from other personal effects and shall let the officer check it at the security check point.

 Liquid, gel, spray in a container size over 100 ml, shall be packed in the luggage which ar checked-in for loading into the aircraft only.

 Liquids, which are exempted, are milk and infant nutritions, in appropriate quantity, as well as medicatrons with attached document.

Liquid, gel and spray bought from duty free shops at the airport shall be placed in the sealed zipped plastic bag and shall have evidence stating the date of the purchase, which shall be the travel date, However, each country has it’s own rules in taking liquid on board. Information can be obtained from the airline, with which you are travelling, before buying the goods.